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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Books and Stingrays

Thanks friends for the comments!

Up early today again to get on with editing my latest. I find editing so hard.
I really enjoy writing a book from from start to finish, rampaging enthusiastically along with my imagination, but when I have to be disciplined and focused I tend to wander off to all kinds of work displacement.
Like setting up a blog (!)
Surfing the net unsuccessfully for an eighties style shapeless jacket (to cover a multitude of over-eaten sins)
Trying to find a family holiday that suits everyone (impossible)
Catching up on out of date emails where the recipient will have long forgotten what they mailed me about.
I even considered clearing out the wardrobe but common sense got the better of me there so settled down in front of PC and....... bought more books from Amazon to add to my huge pile of books to be read. (TBR)

Nestling on the non-fiction pile:
Diary of a Girl In Changi, by Sheila Allen recommended by a friend because of my connection/interest with Singapore.
Fast and Louche by Jeremy Scott (also recommended) about the sixties and seventies.

For fiction there are the usual favourites and friends. I love books by author friends. Lists later.
Beware! Nepotism Rules here.

As well as being a book junkie I feel I should confess to also being a news addict. Newspapers, magazines, Sky News, CNN, Fox News. When on hols in Egypt I paid £5 for the Times and £3 for the Mail because I was going crazy with nothing to feed my habit.
I therefore will find it hard not to comment on various newsy news.

This week I've been avidly following the backlash(?) against stingrays following the death of Steve Irwin.
Now I just loved that guy, a real 'Boys Own' character, all Enid Blyton with his wide eyed 'Crikey', grazed knees and chubby thighs. You couldn't invent him without being accused of 1950's stereotyping!
I was so upset when I heard the news but cutting the tails off all stingrays in retaliation?

Now I know all too well that they're not the soft gentle floaty petting pets we're led to believe, I've been stung by one a great deal smaller than the one that did for Steve and it was agony, leading eventually to surgery!
I maybe could have swung that particular one around by its fat, vicious, venomous tail if I'd seen it again but random mutilation of them in their own environment because one did what it was designed to do?
Mind you, macho-man Texan fisherman who was watching the action when I was stung and reacting badly to the venom said he always cuts their tails off! Hmmmm.

Now I really am going get back to the edits but first listen to my Paul McKenna CD. He's promised to make me thin?? (not kept his promise so far)
Next time.... more on books.

I'm really getting into this blogging stuff so memo to self... do not be self indulgent.

Quote of the day.......

'I understand the concepts of cooking and cleaning, just not how they apply to me'.


  • At 9:23 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

    Loved your quote. It will keep me smiling all day!

  • At 10:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    With you on the stingray tails, Bernardine.

    My favourite quote is:

    'A mind is a terrible thing to waste on housework'

  • At 11:32 AM , Blogger Jessica Raymond said...

    Looks great, Bernadine. Glad you went with Blogger! Say hello to Paul McKenna from me :) -- Jess from ROMNA

  • At 5:02 PM , Blogger Jane Henry said...

    My friend has a fridge magnet which says, Boring women have tidy houses...
    I'm enjoying your blog!
    love Julesxxx


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