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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Singapore, books and camping.

I am just so impressed with myself! I've been tinkering around with this blog and doing things I didn't think I understood but I do. Sort of. I can see how this could become as compulsive as Minesweeper.

Writing news: I received an advance copy of 'Old Scores' my last book, in the large print version, published by Thorpe, which is also going to the US. Cover is completely different to the paperback but eye-catching nonetheless.
Covers are such a divisive issue. Different tastes etc. also as time goes on they can start ot get dated. But Hey! just another thing to stress over and stress is what keeps us going, yes? Oh and Titles. Titles are good for stressing also.
Memo to self. Learn to scan and upload then invite views.

I've had a week of concentrated writing (apart from blogging) while hb and his bro have been camping in Devon in a field. Well, slightly more than a field but not a lot......... Beware Devon. Mid-age boy-scouts with Swiss Army Knives and cooking pots at large. They are loving it but as you can guess, the whole camping and caravanning thing isn't for me although I would possibly consider touring in a thirty foot (at least) Winnebago with a jacuzzi, a plasma TV and real beds. And restaurant stops. That to me is the only acceptable face of camping but you're welcome to let me know ho wrong I am!
Mind you, I did compromise on a week in a log cabin in the New Forest last march. Brave huh? Shame about the relentless rain!

I had my last travelling moment in June when I went off to Singapore on a nostalgic return to where I was brought up. It was so long ago (no, I'm not saying) but although lots has changed some things are still the same. Have talked about it a little on my web newsletter which should be posted shortly. Met up with an old school friend whom I've always kept in touch with and she took me here there and everywhere.
I just loved it so much. Must go back soon.

While there I did a book signing at Borders and was also interviewed on Channel News Asia's breakfast prog. It was v. interesting at the time and the presenter was a brilliant 'leader' but then I saw the tape! Oh my. Who was that fat old woman with frizzy hair sitting in front of me all the time? Oh whoops. It's me!
And as for the photo of me with several Orang Utans at Singapore Zoo. Well! don't even go there.
But I compensated by going SHOPPING which also included a new suitcase to bring the stuff home. Great fun.

Next hol will be at the end of October if four adult family members can manage to agree a destination. Maybe I should tell daughters that if no decision is reached we're all going camping.....

But of course, first I have to get this book PAST CHANCES edited and gone so I am now going back to it.

fave quote: it's not the circumstances that matter, it's how you react to them


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