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Monday, September 18, 2006

Website newsletter

Just passing by in haste to mention that my latest newsletter is now up on my website so do please take a look.

I'm still buried by the edits/rewrites of Past Chances but now at last it's turned the corner so I feel happy happy happy. I just love that feeling when it suddenly all comes together. It's nearly as good as typing those two wonderful words THE END.

Must give the book '500 reasons why I hate the office' by Malcolm Burgess a plug as a brilliant christmas gift for anyone who works in (surprise surprise) an office! Very funny and perceptive.
Malcolm B gave all the local authors so much support when he was Literary Development Officer in Essex that I have to give him a mention. Thanks Malcolm. How dare you write a good book AND leave??

The Camping Boys are home and HB is settling back into normality after a week in a teepee with no home conforts. brilliant fun apparently. Hmmmm I would sooner cut off my own arm and eat it raw than gut and cook a freshly caught, eyes wide open, mackerel. Yuk.

Short and sweet today but am listing all the books I've enjoyed recently in my head as well as taking note of the TBR pile. Oh and also books by friends. So more next time.

prayer for the day..

Oh Lord, if you can't make me thin, please make my friends fat.


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