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Saturday, June 14, 2008


How time flies. One minute it's Christmas, then I blink and we're almost at mid-summer. I like to think time flies because I work so hard but apparently not so according to the magazines, it's just an ageing thing. Sort of all downhill from now on?? I hope not but just in case I'm currently working on my top twenty things to do before I'm incapable. (List at the end)

Next I suppose, come sentences that start with... 'I remember when........' 'kids today...........' 'when I was your age......'

I don't mind it really. I just avoid reflective surfaces and tell myself over and over that although I can't help getting older I don't have to mature.

New colour blog... pinky shade to blend with what will be the background colour of my new, soon to be unveiled, website. Let me know what you think of the colour and how easy it is to read.

SHATTERED LIVES is to be published in hardback on September 18th and in paperback on December 29th. It received a good mention in The Bookseller magazine so fingers crossed. I'm now in the process of plotting number 8 and also writing up some features and short stories.

I must admit, I enjoy the small lull between writing books because I can also read books. I like to read away from my own genre so I've just finished Kathy Reichs latest BONES TO ASHES. I enjoy her books; alway ripping good reads and she never disappoints; I guess it's because she writes about what she knows, Forensic Anthropology. I also read Karin Slaughter's SKIN PRIVILEGE. Sometimes Karin can be very graphic (!) but again a brilliant story-teller. Next on the list is Mark Billingham and then Martyn Waites. Then back to my own!

TOP TWENTY THINGS TO DO BEFORE I'M INCAPABLE. (First ten in no particular order)

Write a multi-million best-seller!!!
Snorkel off the Great Barrier Reef and take the train across Australia.
Go shopping in the Mall in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. (Largest in the world)
Take a helicopter along the Grand Canyon.
Take a few months to go travelling and catch up with all my friends spread all over the world.
Go to Madagascar and meet an Aye-Aye face to face.
Take route 66 across America.
Go to the Edinburgh Tattoo.
Stay at the Burg Al-Arab in Dubai.
Meet (?) Keef Richards.

Anyone else got a 'must-do' that i should know about??!!
Till next time.

Bernardine x


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