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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Website + Library Talk

Several readers have asked me recently about my very static website! Because I'm in the process of changing the 'manager' it's still up there, but has not been updated. I can't do it myself. I so wish I was techy minded!
As soon as the new website is operational I'll let you know, meanwhile, the background info remains the same and the latest news is on the blog.

On Sunday I gave a talk at Canvey Island Library in Essex as part of the Essex Literary Festival. It was a brilliant event that I enjoyed so much thanks to a big, interactive audience of avid readers. I just hope they all enjoy the books of mine they borrowed and bought.
Many thanks also to all the staff who worked so hard to set it up.
I love going to libraries!
The Essex Festival is a brilliant showcase for authors of all genres, fiction and non-fiction. I am a keen supporter and look forward to it every year. Well done Essex. Roll on 2009!

This is a gratuitously 'aaaaah' photo from Singapore Zoo, 2006. Don't we all know someone just like that?

Bernardine x


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