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Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Friday!

So its friday again, I've got the jist of the day, just having some problems with which friday.

I really don't have much to blog about as I am still in self-imposed isolation while finishing SHATTERED LIVES. I maybe need a psychiatrist to explain why, when the end is in sight, I get the most fantastic idea and just have to change everything around?? Why don't I get these ideas at the beginning? Oh well. Too late for me to change now!
The Camping Boys arived back a day early after a couple of mishaps!
Lesson one. Do not cut open a glow-stick with a leatherman tool. If you do you'll have an explosion of bright yellow phosphorous all over your face and in your eyes and have to seek medical attention!

Lesson two. Beware the guy ropes that hold the shelter up. If you trip over them and the shelter disintegrates then there is no shelter under which to shelter!

But they enjoyed it and I spent the week doing nothing except write!
PAST CHANCES is out in paperback in three weeks... I'll update with any info nearer to the date. The finished copy looks really good and its in the slightly larger paperback format. Fingers crossed for me everyone.

Over the past few months, I've been hopping on an off an internet forum discussing the mystery surrounding the missing Madeleine McCann.
The original purpose of my visits was to harvest some research for my next novel but boy is it compulsive. When I 'retire' shortly I may need to head straight for my local addiction clinic! It's been an interesting insight into how the new accessibility of the internet has empowered so many people to discuss so many issues.
It throws up class, race, religion and politics in a way that no-one would dare do in a face-to-face group.
A very interesting insight into human nature across the board.
Now I have to figure how to incorporate my new knowledge!
Finally, we have a new kitten. I didn't intend to do it again, pets cause so much grief and we have the Chav-Cat but, by defualt because his new owner was allergic and I couldn't say no, we now have Olly. Tje prettiest, naughtiest, noisiest kitten ever.
Chav-Cat still doesn't know what's hit him but he's been far better behaved than I expected. The occasional clip round the ear to the young pretender seems to be about it. aaaaaahhhhhh.
Now I have to work!!
Till next time xxxxxxxx


  • At 12:53 PM , Blogger Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson said...

    Oh my, Olly is adorable! So tiny with that big-boy collar on.

    I know what you mean by causing grief, I've buried five cats and a dog in the last two years and it's a hundred percent horrible. I'd love another kitten (they have a hell of a way of cheering you up!) but we have a Demon Puppy who really needs to settle down a bit first.

    I just saw on the news the other day that a shelter in Norfolk is overrun with kittens and had to be physically restrained from rushing up there and adopting then ALL.

  • At 9:09 PM , Blogger Bernardine Kennedy said...

    Thanks Kate! I had sworn categorically no more pets but then when this one sort of appeared that was it! xx

  • At 3:52 PM , Blogger Gonna be a writer said...

    Pets do bring grief but they bring so much happiness too. Everyone knows that I'll need a week off when my dog dies. And that kitten is so cute.


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