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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Firstly apologies for the lateness of this posting.... again I've managed to slip behind without actually realising it. Where does the time go?
Yes, I've been working hard at pulling TWO LIVES into some sort of shape but I've also discovered the distraction of MYSPACE and FACEBOOK. The most wonderful displacment activities ever. I find myself spending hours looking for new 'friends' to add to my pages and eagerly awaiting requests from others to join my page. It is all just so exciting, I LOVE THE INTERNET!
Check them out below.....

I'm currently reading Karin Slaughter's TRIPTYCH. Very engrossig read. Hard to say I'm enjoying it as such because its really quite gory but its interesting to see the storyline develop. She's very good! I'm having to limit myself to how long I read for else I wouldn't put it down until the end.

Next weekend is the Conference of the Romantic Novelists Association which I am attending for educational purposes only. It has nothing to do with juvenile kitchen parties in the student accommodations or three meals a days cooked by someone else or leisurely evenings in the bar!
I do jest a little, its alway a very stimulating conference with interesting speakers and sessions and I can't wait. So many friends are going also.
I am however self-grounded until then......

Short and sweet this week but after the conference I shall be back on form! I hope.



  • At 3:07 PM , Blogger Jane Henry said...

    Bernardine, here's some more displacement. I'm tagging you for a meme... eight random things about you...


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