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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Well! How about this?

It's taken me so long to get into blogger I had thought I was going to have to get Mandy (my blogging saviour) to do it all over again for me. Blogger refused to accept I was who I said I was and that my password was RIGHT. But I made it. Gee I HATE techy stuff when it doesn't work.

I have to say though that not a lot has happened as I have been working hard.
The current book that had the working title of TWO LIVES is now titled SHATTERED LIVES which I think rolls off the tongue quite nicely. Do you agree?
Its coming together quite nicely now. I had to delete some 30,000 words that I KNEW were not right. That was hard but it had to be done. I'd started to fumble around a bit to make it right but it was still going wrong. Still, done now and I'm on a bit of a roll.

PAST CHANCES had a publication date of October 18th in paperback and is also going into large print, probably next year.

I'm still having fun on MySpace and Facebook. I mean, how else am I going to have friends like Russell Brand and Harlan Coben? sadly George Clooney took his page down (something I said?) but I can live with that. I think I posted the links to my pages before? I shall check!

Am trying hard to think of a blog competition so I'll let you know when I come up with something truly amazing and original. (I may be gone some time...........)

Husband Ian and his brother are going camping in Devon next month so that'll be some good reporting as the teepee gets another outing! I shall stay home of course. Nothing less than five star for me. (!!!)
I'm hoping we'll fit in a quick shopping trip to the US before Christmas. I HAVE to have some Walmart Christmas deccies again and the dollar is low so I see Happy Spending ahead.

We were going to book a cruise, a big over the top Caribbean jaunt on a ship the size of a small city but we may be moving house so cruising will have to wait till next year. Something to look forward to.

Other than that my big excitement is that my Aloe Vera plant has got lots of babies and my Hot Chilli Pepper plant has lots of Hot Chillis. WOW.

For those of you who have commented on the lack of activity on my website.... as soon as I can find someone to teach me what to do, I shall be managing it myself. Ha ha ha ha ha. Watch this space.

The day at Kate Walker's blog went well and a signed copy of Old Scores is en route to Utah as we speak. Great fun.

Till next time...... xxxxxxxxxx


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