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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Well! Haven't I just got carried away with my new hobby / work displacement activity, playing on MYSPACE and FACEBOOK. The virtual meet and greet places to find old friends and new friends.

For an author they also come under that wonderful umbrella of NETWORKING. You know what I mean, get your name out there, get your book out there and maybe gather in a few new readers.

For me it also means delusions of grandeur on a scale I could never have even dreamt of as I sit here impatiently waiting for the likes of Keith Richards and George Clooney to accept me as a friend! Check out to see my new friends.
Some really are friends, others are just my own little fantasy. GOK WAN, he of the 'How to look good naked' show is my virtual friend, I fell in love with him when he said women over 50 should wear whatever they want! Just what I wanted to hear. Validation of my crazy, age inappropriate wardrobe!

The authors of the diet book 'SKINNY BITCH' are also my 'friends' and they told me its never to late to become a skinny bitch. I've never been one so I'd like to believe them but I don't, however I'm not too unhappy because my new best friend Gok likes fat backsides and wobbly thighs. Lovely young man!

While I was away at the RNA conference last weekend some of us had a chat about writers bums. My theory is that they are a bit like bean bags and that eventually they retain the shape of where they spend most time. Mine lives in an office chair and is therefore that shape. I guess it needs more exercise to return to a normal shape but then again life's too short!!

The conference was great fun as always with a good cross-section of both delegates and speakers.
The socialising was as always (!!) which once again was fun!
the Uni staff seemed to be anticipating a group of little old ladies who would partake of a sweet sherry and then retire. NOT. The solitary lad manning the bar was soon reduced to a wreck when he discovered that when we drink we buy by the bottle NOT the glass and a stockpile of half a dozen bottles for four days just wasn't good enough. He had to go off find more..... v.quickly. The first night! Nice boy.........
that'll teach em not to categorise.....

Leicester has been added to the expanding list of university bars across the country who have got it wrong!
However, I do have to say that the staff (mostly students on their hols) were brilliant throughout and the campus was excellent. Veggie food was good (YAY)

I did keep sneaking off to read THE BLUE ZONE by ANDREW GROSS. He was a co-author with James Patterson and this is his first solo. Brilliant. Give it a go....

Now I have to stop messing around and get back to work. Fun's over for a couple of months!

Au Revoir all.


  • At 7:36 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

    I'm still living on the conference memories!

  • At 1:02 PM , Blogger Lesley Cookman said...

    Finally trying to blog more regularly, so thought I'd better look at those of friends. Hello!

    Definitely thought this year's conference one of the best.

  • At 2:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Bernardine. Great to meet you on the Sunday - shame I was driving home...


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