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Friday, August 28, 2009

Bank Holiday Time

Another Bank Holiday Weekend is here and, at the moment, the weather looks promising. Hope it stays that way as daughter Kate is away on the annual Reading Festival pilgrimage along with many friends, tents and assorted equipment.
It's becoming a bit of a habit in this family, Husband Ian went off to smaller festival last month, Togfest' in Milton Keynes, and thoroughly enjoyed it. He was there with his brother, the second half of 'the camping boys' who go to Devon each year and attract calamities. They're off again next weekend. Moi? I only do five star nowadays and preferably in the Caribbean.

And in the meantime I stay home and argue with car dealers. Those who know me know that I've had a SmartCar for several years and loved it. Adored it in fact! I loved it so much I passed it on to Kate and bought another one, an ex-demo car, last november. Now I know I was dumb in that I took delivery and didn't check it over at that instant but I believed him that it was pristine and perfect! NOT! It was grubby inside, there was glass on the floor which to me meant a window had been broken, there were bits missing and worst of all there was a small cigarette burn on the stained drivers seat.
9 months on I'm still waiting for Mercedes Loughton to come and sort it out. Month in, month out, they promise so this time I promised. To blog. Watch this space! I am so disappointed that I'm thinking about getting rid of it if I ever get the bits and pieces done.

Still thinking about getting another kitten as company for the very spoiled Ollie who hates being on his own even for an hour. Over the years I've had so many rescue cats that I really want to choose a kitten this time but at the same time I feel guilty about not homing a homeless cat. Will carry on thinking. Suggestions?

On September 14th I'm off to do Jury Service. I was 'summoned' for Sept 1st but then they changed it. I'm actually looking forward to it; brilliant research IMO, the inner workings of Crown Court and its inhabitants. I know it can involve a lot of hanging around so I'll have plenty of guilt-free reading time! Bonus.
Kind hearted people keep telling me how to get out of it but I don't want to.

Back to work now; I really have to motivate myself and increase my wordage which is not what it should be. Typing is more a chore these days with dodgy wrists and shoulders. How I wish I'd learnt to type properly when I was considerably younger!


  • At 8:59 PM , Blogger Piley said...

    We are big cat lovers too, and go through much the same as you every time we get a new one. We like re-homing 'old' cats, but the most recent rescue cat we got (Daisy) was only 9 months old when we got her, which was quite a nice idea. Still kitten-ish... but not wallpaper ripping and curtain climbing kittenish! A halfway house maybe??

    Thanks for your Odeon comments, I've added the Beatles dates for you.




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