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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hoping I'm back.

Thi is going to be short and sweet while I make sure I am definitely blogging!
I'm hoping that I've now conquered the gremlins that stopped me posting. Seems someone reported my blog as spam and I was threatened with ex-communication. Spam? Moi? I used to eat it once upon a time but that's the closest I am to it. Oh well... takes all sorts I guess. I've had several problems with a couple of nutcases trying to post daft comments on the blog (hence moderation of comments) so maybe its all connected? anyway Blogger now accepts I am who I am!

Work has been taking priority lately and I haven't done much else for a while although I said we wanted to go to Jersey we haven't actually got there. Maybe soon....... I also want to go back to Singapore and also to Dubai... so many wishes!
Daughter Kate is currently in Mexico and texting about dolphins and hammocks and making me feel quite envious so maybe I'll have to go back there. It seems you're more likely to catch swine flu in London than Cancun right now!
We did go to Derby for two days where step-daughter is moving to shortly with her fiance. I've been near to derby before but never into the town. Managed a few hours shopping at the shopping mall..........

I have had one bit of socialising since the last blog at the RNA summer party last month. Great fun catching up with lots of old friends and also meeting new ones that I'd only previously 'met' on writers groups. Now looking forward to the winter party in November.

Baby grandchild is due so very shortly so thats an excitement, I'm having fun shopping at the moment but having to exercise restraint as we don't know if its a boy or girl. Due July 5th so not long to wait.
Will have to keep Ollie the cat away from it though, he's a naughty boy and I don't think he could be trusted with a baby. He is also now officially a serial killer of wildlife. Something different every day although he doesn't savage them, just brings them in and drops them if I shout. Very strange behaviour. But he's a character........

Off now as I'm pushed for time but will try and add some more later....

B xxx

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