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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Soon be Easter!

Hello again. brevity will be the buzz word today mainly because I've done nothing except work recently.

WHATEVER THE COST was thundering along quite nicely when I had one of my 'moments' and decided to change it all around. All very time-consuming but I think / hope I've changed it for the better.
Sometimes just the briefest mention of something means heaps of research to make sure I get it right so I've been reading up on OCD, a fascinating subject, and adoption in Ireland in the sixties.
It makes me realise what a truly wondrous invention the internet is, everything is there at the touch of a button. I LOVE Google so much, though I do often get side-tracked and go off at a tangent.

I've recently tried to sign up to TWITTER but I have a problem that my name is too long. I'm used to having it spelt wrong because of the dreaded second 'r' in Bernardine but the fact that Bernardine Kennedy is two letters too long is really weird. Guess I'll have to give it up, its no good if no-one can find me. Bernardinekenne isn't something that rolls off the tongue withe ease.

Holidays are at the forefront again, this time we're thinking of taking a brief break in Jersey. I haven't been there for yonks and Ian has never been. Its only a short hop from our local airport which is just around the corner so is convenient and I also really want to go to Jersey Zoo. I'm not a zoo supporter but many years ago my parents and I travelled on the same ship as Gerald Durrell and a film crew.

We were going to Nigeria and he was going to Sierra Leone to film a documentary on the Colobus monkey which he also used in his book 'Catch Me a Colobus'. He was a terrific man who loved animals, liked his triple gins and kept everyone amused for nearly two weeks.
I want to go to his zoo but I am also worried I may be disappointed! Maybe I shouldn't go? I'm not sure now.

I feel the same about Monkey World in Dorset (Jim Cronin). I've been watching the programme (Monkey Business / Monkey Life) for so many years now I feel part of it so will I be disappointed at the reality if I go?

And there's Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin) but doubt I'll be getting ther in the near future!

Yes I know, I must stop analysing everything and just do it!

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter regardless of the inevitable bank holiday weather.

Till next time xxxx


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