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Friday, February 13, 2009

Holiday Time.

Just a quick catch up before going off on holiday tomorrow morning. We fly to the island of Aruba then board our ship for two weeks of sun, sea and excess. Once again our cabin is just one deck away from the restaurant that is open 24 hours although I have promised myself that I won't go in until I have walked once around the jogging trail on the top deck. Hmmmmm. I mean well.....

Our stop-offs are:



Lots of interesting islands to visit there and it will be nice to go back to my favourite, Barbados, even if it just for the day.
I'm taking my gorgeous teeny laptop with me so I can keep in touch with the world (the internet is such an addiction) and maybe do some work?? again, hmmmm. I mean well......
I'm also taking several books along for the trip so will talk about them when I get back. One of the best bits of a holiday for me is reading purely for pleasure and leisure!

I belong to the Romantic Novelists Association and have had many great times at assorted events but I missed the big lunch and the following pub party this year because of a double booking I made after I got the days mixed up. Grrrr. However, congratulations to award winners Julia Gregson and India Grey.

The RNA did a poll of sexiest male celebs 2009 and the results were:

1 Richard Armitage 2 Johnny Depp 3 Hugh Jackman 4 George Clooney 5 Daniel Craig 6 Sean Bean 7 Alan Rickman 8 David Tennant 9 Pierce Brosnan 10 Gerard Butler

My voting was (roughly) :

1 Gorgeous George Clooney (who else?)

2 Alan Rickman (Truly Madly Deeply King John!)

3 Keith Richards (I know, I know, but I adore him!)

4 Gary Sinese (CSI New York. Right)

5 Johnny Depp (but only as Jack Sparrow)

6 Paul McCartney (old Beatle crush from way back! I'm loyal)

7 William Petersen (Gruesome Grissom ofCSI Vegas)

The rest of my list is along the lines of the RNA voting so there I'll finish there. Comments would be appreciated??

Here's Keef..... This is my favourite Stones pic. Daughter Kate bought me a large linen print of this for Xmas.

Shattered Lives continues to do well and I've had some great emails. Do keep them coming, I become neurotic very quickly when there is silence. 'Whatever the Cost' is coming along nicely, I'm really enjoying writing it which is goo. I just need an extra pair of hands and a masseuse for my shoulders.

Now I'm off to do the packing and tie up the loose ends before going. I'm going to miss Ollie the cat but he's in safe hands here.

Till next time.... B xxx


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