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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Before anything else I'd like to wish A Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2009 will be good and bring you everything you wish for. XX

Many thanks to everyone for all the emails and good wishes for both Christmas and for Shattered Lives, every word is always much appreciated, I am always so grateful to you all for taking the time to mail me.
I know I've missed a few mails that have gone into the dreaded spam folder so I may well have missed others. If I haven't replied that's why! The best way to avoid that is to always put a reading / writing related heading that can't be misinterpreted by the spammer as something dubious.

Well, another Christmas been and gone, a New Year started and resolutions broken already. No, I'm fibbing. I've learnt now that NY resolutions are a waste of time and far too stressful so I don't make any anymore. I did once make a resolution not to go to the gym and I've kept to that one okay. The 'lose three stone by the end of the month' one was always going to be tricky.

Shattered Lives is out there in the shops and the response has been good. There was a great review in Now Magazine (big selling weekly celeb-type mag) last week which gave it four stars. Yay! Every little helps. (isn't that an ad on TV?)
It's also been sold for Portugese translation and for large print which is excellent.
I recently received my PLR (Public Lending Rights) figures and the books are all doing well in the libraries so thats good also.

Also, just in case you think I've forgotten, I shall be getting my web-site updated very soon; the newsletter is already overdue.

Where does all the time go I wonder?
Whatever The Cost is going well now and I'm enjoying writing it though I definitely have to move a little faster to try and get it under my belt before our cruising holiday in mid-feb. I've gone back to my original writing style for this one... fingers crossed it works. I shall be taking my new baby laptop (Asus eee) which I am in love with and my internet dongle with me on the ship so I can easily stay in touch. If it all works properly I may even update the blog from the high seas just for the hell of doing it!

However, me and technology aren't always best friends so we'll see. I'm very good at buying all the latest gadgets... its understanding how they work that is the problem!

The big personal news is that I'm going to be Grandma! Son Steve and Belinda are expecting a baby in July and I am so excited. We have no babies in the family, just a cat! He's a gorgeous cat and I love him dearly but........ Right now I'm having to sit on my hands to avoid baby shopping..... what age do they have laptops now?!

Must off now... till later,

B xx


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