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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

News And Catch Up

Well, I'm back from the annual RNA conference at Chichester University and what fun that was! Old friends, new friends, good food and nightly kitchen parties! How retro is that? Did I think I was 20 again? Oh yes!
Of course there were also very good speakers and a cross section of interesting talks in between the socialising.

A good time was had by all. Sadly I had to leave on Sunday (I had booked until monday but sometimes things happen to get in the way of FUN) so missed sunday night's revelries.

The weather en route home was horrendous; not since I drove across Alligator Alley in Florida on the outer edge of a hurricane have I had to negotiate such a nightmare drive. But Hey! I made it back though I doubt some of the lunatics who overtook me at ridculous speed did!

Same again on Monday on the road out of London. Thrashing wind and rain and idiot drivers; Are we going tropical in the UK? I have managed to grow a rather large and very gorgeous Palm in the garden so maybe we are.

Sadly came back to find our family of robins who were nesting in the holly bush wiped out by Ollie the kitten-cat. Mum, dad and fledgelings. I guess the torrential rain had them foraging on the ground for insects and he somehow got the lot of them. He is a very hunting-orientated feline, maybe because his mummy was a Siamese?? Sometimes I hate cats but, as Ian said, it's nature.
Okay. sometimes I hate nature then!

Of course the birds also come in for my wrath sometimes.... one minute the cherry tree was heaving with fruit then whoooosh, in comes a swarm of starlings! No cherries for us this year. I tried to hose them away but they pulled in their wings, closed their eyes tight and sat it out. Second year running they've caught me out! Must learn to pick earlier.

Currently reading the latest book by Andrew Gross who used to be a co-writer with James Patterson. AG's first book was brilliant and this one, 'The Dark Tide' is shaping up the same. I've brought a stack of books back from the conference to add to my already heaving To-Be-Read pile but must, must, get my new storyline going before I read anymore.

I would like you all to join me in wishing a pox on the thieving git who stole my credit card details from the internet and spent a heap of money on tools /mobile phones / having his/her car unclamped in Liverpool. Top marks to NatWest fraud department who realised and phoned me to check! Phew......

Must make a quick mention of Aunty G who dies recently aged 98. Great old lady, great old age. RIP.

Now I'm away to work on my new outline..........
Till next time

Bernardine xx


  • At 10:50 PM , Blogger Jan Jones said...

    It was lovely to see you at the Conference, Bernardine, and consider a particularly malignant pox well and truly wished.


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