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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back Again!

I've made it back! I left it for a while because I hadn't any news of any relevance and then couldn't get on to post. Instead of dealing with it, I ignored it thinking it would resolve itself but of course it didn't. But I've got it sorted now.......... I hope! All I have to do is remember the password.

Well here we are again with Christmas on the doorstep and not a lot done. Its scary to think that 2008 is almost over, my, how time flies when you're getting older! I haven't written my cards yet, let alone posted them but trust me, I do wish everyone a really Happy and Peaceful Christmas break with lots of gifts and wishes.
My thoughts are especially with those who've had a really bad year. Much love and good vibes to you. You know who you are!

SHATTERED LIVES the paperback is out at the end of December so do head off to the shops with your book token or to the library. The reviews of the hard-back have been good so fingers crossed.
I'm into the next book (number 8) which is going along nicely if not fast enough. I must re-learn how to multi-task. That skill seems to have disappeared lately.

Now, what's happened since I was last here? Not a lot really, no more holidays until February when we're off on another cruise. It's similar to the last one we enjoyed so much but this time we start in Aruba and do more of South America as well the usual ports of the Caribbean. I can't wait. Everytime I say Aruba I think of the Beach Boys song!

Oh yes, and we had to buy a new toaster. Now that might sound mundane but the reason for it isn't. Ollie the cat (who used to be a dear little kitten but isn't now) brought a mouse in and let it go! Next day I put some toast in the toast and wondered why the slider wouldn't go down so I pushed and pushed and....... horror of horrors.... I inadvertently battered to death the poor little mouse that had taken refuge inside. Oh god, I felt so bad, I felt sick, I had nightmares. So new toaster and a closer eye on the catflap......
Pets eh? can't live with em can't live without em!
Last night... sixty pounds vet bill because he was beaten up by a neighbours cat. Aaarrgghh.

Oh and I bought a new car! Like you do in times of recession but it is economical and the Road Fund Tax is only £35 a year. Its another Smart but this time it's red and silver. I love it. I was so fond of the other one I had that I'm delighted its still in the family, my daughter has it and they do look good on the drive together. Pics next time.

I'll leave it at this for now but will add things in when I think of them. I'm just so pleased to be back in the land of blogging again.

Till next time.......... don't forget, I'm also on Facebook and MySpace.


  • At 11:04 AM , Blogger Sam Hayes said...

    Hi Bernardine,

    I feel so smug writing out a cheque for £35 for my Fiesta road tax! May try a Smart next. Do they have four seats?

    Hope SHATTERED LIVES is flying off the shelves for you!

    Very best,
    Sam x

  • At 12:16 PM , Blogger Bernardine Kennedy said...

    Thanks for that Sam.
    No the Smart only has two seats, its more half a car than a small car... x


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