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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sheds again and Womans Hour.

hello again everyone. Just a quick news update but first, very briefly on sheds as I know this can be so boring to non-shed lovers..... Ian is not happy that my shed is now famous and is deemed better than his so now he wants another one that is bigger. And of course, if that happens then so will I. let battle commence!

Re: care of the Elderly.

Following on from my letter in the Mail there was this interview in the Sunday Telegraph:

Then following on from that was a visit to Womans Hour for me which sounds very grown up and as everyone who knows me knows, I don't usually do grown up!

I know everyone views it differently (see comments on the previous post) but its good that the topic is high up in the media right now. Care of the Elderly is just as important as Care of Children but the elderly do get overlooked when it comes to government funding. IMO both groups are equally in need so its important for it to be discussed.

My mother wasn't a dear little old lady but I still admire the way that, well into her nineties, she still put on the lippie and posed for the camera holding her stomach in. The below pic (taken when she was 94) is in her memory. I hope I'm still kicking ass at that age!

Wednesday is the Romantic Novelists Summer Party in London so I'm off to party and eat and drink with lots of friends, many of whom I don't see often enough, time and distance being an issue. Can't wait. Shall I go shopping first? Is that Selfridges I hear calling me? Is the handbag department waiting to welcome me? Hmmmmmmmm.

Since writing the paragraph above I have made the decision NOT to go shopping and lunching beforehand. So much work to do and last time I was in Selfridges I so nearly bought a ridiculously expensive handbag; get thee behind me Satan, I'm stopping home and working until teatime.


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