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Monday, September 25, 2006

Garage Sales

Back with my nose to the grindstone after a few days away in St Neots. Cambs though I did take the laptop and I did work all day sunday. (she smiles beatifically)
I've always said that I must live near the sea (always have done) but Cambs is a nice county with lots of rivers. Would that do for water I ask myself.... hmmm. Not sure.
But it is nice and peaceful there. Maybe maybe. We've spent so much time there lately it almost feels like home!
While there we had a garage sale to dispose of some of my late brothers belongings.
How hard is that to do? He was only 63 but his wife had died some years ago and they had no children so what to do with all the ornaments/books/photos/collections?
As well as my own accumulated stuff (I am a hoarder) I still have a lot of the sentimental things from when my mother died a couple of years ago.
If I add too much of my brothers then everything in the loft will crash down through the house and we'll all expire under the weight of crockery and photographs!
Anyway, back to the garage sale. Now what an experience for a writer? such characterisation assistance!
The first there, half an hour early were a retired couple in a brand spanking new people carrier. They quibbled over every pound and went away laden. He was wearing a three piece suit in nearly 80 degree of heat and sported a full set of whiskers.
Then the man with the labrador. He walked into the crowded garage (big garage admittedly) with dog on lead and then said that it bites! Now did it bite? or was that his way of getting a clear path to the bargains? As everyone backed away he could view the CD's in peace.
Then the woman who also looked at the CD's and announced that her husband loved Irish music. Excitedly she phoned him on his mobile and he drove over. He salivated for about half an hour and then bought four at 50p each!
Great fun. Wish I didn't live on a main road with double yellows.... what a lazy way to have a clear out.
Next will be the charity shop. Very guilt inducing but it has made me re-think my hoarder streak!

Pleased to hear that Richard 'The Hamster' Hammond is recovering but worried that the BBC is now considering axing Top Gear. The naughty boys have been playing rough so nanny wants to take their toys away. Baaaad boys. I can think of far worse progs that should go but as I don't believe in negativity (unless its about Natwest bank) I won't say which!

Bought a James Patterson book in a charity shop while there. I do enjoy his books and wish I was just a fraction as prolific as he is. This week he's number one in both the hardback abd paperback charts. Must find out how he motivated himself.
Now I must try to motivate myself for an hour or so before bed!

PS. Please do excuse the typos I make. I can type but I'm not a typist so sometimes they slip through. Must try harder!

Quote for today........... If you can lay on the floor wthout holding on then you're not drunk.


  • At 4:08 PM , Blogger Kate Johnson said...

    Good news that Hamster is recovering--and that Top Gear is coming back soon!


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