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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Passports, cats and yum yums

Anyone out there applied for a new passport recently? Received A NEW one in our household and it's very pretty with birds on the pages, it's digitalised and biometric etc etc. (Not yet sure if it sings and dances and operates the vacuum cleaner)
In the envelope was the usual paperwork bumph but there was also a warning that as the new passport contains a 'chip' it must not be put in the microwave?? It didn't mention a deep fat fryer.....
Guess at some point my natural curiosity will make me pop said passport in the magic box and turn the knob.
Memo to self..... Must not microwave passport. Must not microwave passport.......

As I've just figured out how to add photos I've put one of my cat up for all to admire. Aaaaaahhhhh. Bless.....
This is Skippy. Doesn't he look cute and lovable?
Not a bit of it! He's a chav cat. (hence the blanket)
He bites me at random, attacks other cats and kills anything that crosses his path.
He's also expensive. Yet another fifty odd pounds yesterday at the vets because he's been fighting once again.
I've always had cats but never before have I had an attack cat. He's an RSPCA rescue cat so I don't know his background thought the vet thinks maybe his daddy was a rampaging feral! (Vet has scars also. Two nurses needed to take his temperature).
But he has character...... ??

It always makes me smile whenever I have to take him to the vets and they call out 'Skippy Kennedy', its so sweet and family inclusive however its also a lesson in naming cats.
A couple of years ago there was a Phil Mitchell lookalike with big shoulders, a vest and tattoos and a dear little kitten in a box waiting pateintly to be called.
Maybe he should have thought about kitten naming a little more deeply......
'Precious Williams' the vet called and the Phil-type bloke had to answer and stand up! Fair play to him though, he grinned and carried it off with aplomb as everyone tittered.

Talking about macho pre-judgements.... we stopped at the services on the M11 near Stansted airport for an early morning coffee last week at about 7am and I guess its a central shift briefing point for motorway police.
As we went in there were several standing in a semi-circle as the top cop of the day gave them their instructions. Trousers in boots, stab-proof vest, grey crew-cut, all manner of objects hanging from his belt. Very Macho Marine looking.
We passed by just as he said 'okay everyone, that's it. Now I'm off for some yum-yums'.
YUM YUMS? Next we saw of him he was queuing for a full english breakfast!

Mind you we stopped once at the services near Luton airport and there were two police officers there with guns on their belts. An everyday sight in the US but at UKmotorway services?
Guess I prefer yum-yums!

Can't think of a quote for today as the batteries are fading in my keyboard so this has taken an age.
Off to buy new ones NOW.


  • At 7:37 PM , Anonymous Jan Jones said...

    Well, I think Skippy looks cute and lovable! Though there are those lean, ready-to-pounce forelegs...

    I'm such a pushover for ginger cats.

  • At 10:52 AM , Anonymous Lesley said...

    Having seen Skippy in action, I can only say I USED to be a cat lover...

    Happy birthday for Monday 2nd, Bernardine.

  • At 4:03 PM , Blogger Cat Marsters said...

    Skippy is gorgeous. He has lovely colouring on his face. I had a rescue cat and she was a scrappy little thing, always bringing down squirrels. I called her my delinquent teenager.

    Got the strangest look in the vet's waiting room when I took a friend's cat in: his name was Ian. 'Precious' is at least a more cat-like name!

    As for UK airport police, they all carry guns. Big automatic ones. But they're all sweethearts, honestly!


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