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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Great Novel Race and Eyes

If anyone has looked at my blog today they will have seen all sorts of things there. Yep... at long last nearly everything is as it should be. I can't however take the credit even though I did manage to get the word counter up there! Kate did the list for me. So big thanks to Kate and Mandy who are probably soooo cheesed off with me!
Just one cover to go.... Gee this blog stuff is so exciting. Maybe I'm not to old to learn new skills after all.

I'm now waiting for the man from the insurance company to contact me about my laptop. Someone is going to come round to look at it. And the cat?? Maybe I shall get a new one or maybe a new cat? Only kidding.......

I shall be 'off air' for a few days from tomorrow. I am having eye surgery at Morrfields Eye Hospital in London tomorrow morning so seeing will be a bit of a prob, as will sleeping upright for 10 days until the stitches come out. Hey ho....

I'm being a very brave girl, I'm having a local anaesthetic with sedation, mind you the sedation is (usually) very effective on me. Last time my wonderful surgeon said I snored all the way through and distracted her students.
I'm a big supporter of Moorfields and I adore the doc who is a blunt and amusing woman who has the unusual knack of talking to her patients as if they are actually comprehending adults. I've yet to come across an indifferent/bossy nurse or doctor there. Unlike my local general hospital which I steer clear of!

So its a late night for me tonite to ensure I'm well and truly knacked tomorrow then the 6 am train with nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Good job I'm first on the list!

Fingers crossed for me!


  • At 6:48 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

    Well done on the links. I am impressed!

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow.


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