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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas and things

Believe it or not, (and those who know me won't believe it), I'm starting to catch up on myself. The Christmas cards are written AND posted and the tree is twinkling away. No presents bought yet but hey, I'm not doing too badly....... we've even bought (I'm nearly embarrassed to say it) an inflatable seven foot Santa. Not a small child anywhere but still we bought it. It was only a tenner! Its not been inflated yet though. We're saving it for ?? sometime?? when we've had a drink or two?

Anyway, also on the catching up front, my website newsletter is with the webman as is the cover for PAST CHANCES, I've done my accounts, posted a couple of things on the internet and typed my email Christmas card.
Phew. Now I need to lie down.

I shouldn't be smug about the cards because I don't actually send so many now; for the past few years I've sent an email greeting to internet friends and ex-work colleagues and donated the would-be cost of cards and postage to my local Homeless Day Centre and Night Shelter that always bursts at the seams over Christmas.
I'm sure no-one wants to be cold and alone on the streets over Christmas and New Years Eve even if they manage to survive during the rest of the year.
I do however, always send cards to family, old friends and friends overseas who I don't see maybe from one year to the next and pf course enjoy getting them back. It's a continuity!

I've bought some new books for the Xmas hols even though I'll have my copy edits to do. Hols and books just seem to go together; I've got Jeffrey Archer's latest (sorry guys but I like his books, always have done) The Guiness Book of Hit Singles, (once again!) and I'm going to re-read TANAMERA by Noel Barber which is a novel set in Singapore and Malaya during the Japanese occupation. Its one of the few books I've read several times; as I lived in Singapore for most of my childhood its very evocative for me.
Of course I shall also have my pile of magazines. Some may call them 'trashy', I love 'em.

Anyone else been excited to see Gorgeous George Clooney in TWO running ads on TV? Coffee AND Martini? Doesn't that man just brighten one's day out of all proportion? It's so nice to have a classic 'heart-throb' type of bloke hanging around in the sitting room albeit only for a few seconds at a time.


Bouquet to the Gorgeous George ads for making so many women everywhere smile soppily and just IMAGINE. (And didn't you just feel for him when his pet pig died last week??)

Brickbat to Iceland for their excruciatingly painful 'That's why mums go to Iceland' ads that make so many women everywhere scream aaaaaaaaarrgghh amd want to put their feet straight through the screen.

Anyone want to comment on their fave/unfave ads? I'd love to hear, just don't knock George.

Quote of the day..... When everything in the kitchen fails, add alcohol.


  • At 2:55 AM , Anonymous paulinegrindley said...

    Dear bernie
    Have never done this - will it work have my long mail
    enjoyed giggling over your blog
    Love pauline


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