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Monday, October 16, 2006

Befuddled brains and icons

For the past few days I've been meaning to post a riveting, informative, gasp inducing blog but it ain't gonna happen this week guys!
I've been so bogged down in the minutae of finishing off PAST CHANCES and pulling in the final few threads that had escaped, my brain is now in meltdown. Befuddled is what I am, but help is at hand.
I just need some soothing sun, sand and rum punches 'in the sunny Caribbean Sea'. (two weeks away)

But before that I have to downsize my wardrobe (clear out the old junk) and dismantle the bedroom ready for decorating and recarpeting. I ripped the old carpet up last year and then lost interest but I am now re-focused and the decorator is coming in while we're on hols.
So very civilised!
Sarah the decorator is brilliant. She clears up behind herself, makes her own cuppas and sometimes mine as well and doesn't suck air in through her teeth and sigh when I change my mind. Though she has been known to cuss at me on occasions!

What is this I found in the grain of the wood on my dining room floor? Is it a message from above? My hopes are obviously pinned on it being a religious iconic message after the piece of toast that earned its owner $150,000.
Memo to self: Must try ebay!

Suggestions so far though: Shakespeare. Leonardo da Vinci. Chewbacca.

Though I can't imagine why any of the above should choose to send me a message!

More suggestions please!

Quote of the week (can't beat the oldies)

Lif'es too short to stuff a mushroom!


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