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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Holidays Brickbats and Bouquets

Oh Yay. Oh Yay. I've managed to book a holiday that's agreeable to everyone so at the end of October we're off to Barbados for a week of sun, sea, reggae and reading. A small hotel on the beach that sounds fine for all of us. It was a challenge and hb locked the knife drawer so I couldn't get access, but we got there in the end with no damage to anyone. Just.

Booked again with British Airways Holidays whose staff deserve a bouquet for their patience and politeness in the face of a party of four all wanting different things and arguing about dates.
The past few holidays/flights I've tried to stick with BA for that very reason. Love em!!

Also a bouquet to Carphone Warehouse in Southend. Infinite patience and no raised eyebrows because we couldn't transfer data to a new phone and couldn't put the memory card in. (not bought from the shop). Happy young men!! I now have the achingly trendy 'Red Phone' that supports the fight against Aids in Africa. Each call you make contributes to charity.

Brickbat for rubbish service to NTL who, despite dozens of phone calls, can't take on board that my brother has died and still keep sending bills/debt collectors to him over six months later for money that isn't owed anyway!

Short and sweet today as we're off to a party. Sister-in-laws big birthday (same as I've just had), she chose to have a party, I chose to have a tantrum.

Next week I really will get to grips with live links and proper connections.

Quote for the day.

If God had meant us to touch our toes he would have put chocolates on the floor.


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