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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nothing much but I'm still here!

Here's a gratuitous but sunny photo from the balcony of our hotel in Barbados.
I can do photos............

My, how time flies when you're moving furniture, clearing out and recycling in an attempt to minimalise. I seem to be spending a lot of time right now on the minutae of life that I usually try to ignore or delegate. You know, the boring stuff, like buying bedside lamps and curtains and trying to keep things tidy because it's freshly decorated! I'm already bored with the 'house' issues and I give tidyness another few days.
I have such a short attention span......

Still, next month the copy edits of PAST CHANCES will be back with me for checking and I'm actually looking forward to it. There's only so much domesticity I can take. I may grumble and whinge about writing from time to time when the going gets tough but I love it really.
The new book is outlined in my mind but not titled yet...... I find the title of a book sooooo hard and yet I can't get into the swing of it until I've got one, even if it changes along the line.

Before I can get back to the writing I have one last domestic task and that is to tidy my office. It has to be tidy before I can start another book properly with all the stuff from the previous one tucked away out of sight. I'm superstitious about it..... Silly? Yep!

My office is a converted summer house halfway down the garden with insulation, carpets, heating and hundreds of books. It's MY place and I love it there. It's a bit of an effort to raise th enthusiasm to trog down there in winter but its nice in summer. Just think, only a few more weeks to mid-winter and then we'll be heading back towards summer again!

Thanks to all of you who asked, Chav-Cat is better again and currently lying in the sun on the roof of the office waiting for wildlife to fall into his mouth. He seems to be gathering a fan-club which isn't really a good thing; I'm not going to tell him he's got mail in case it makes him even more arrogant and thuggish; he's the Grant Mitchell of the cat world!

LInks will be up soon. Really really soon!

As my back is still peeling (bad to burn... bad to burn... bad to burn) my quote of the day is:

Life's a beach and then you fry.


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