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Monday, October 23, 2006

Many thanks for all the feedback on my dining room floor. Very interesting to see how everyone perceives it!
My preferred option still has to be of a potentially financially rewarding religious iconic nature.

This morning I am self-reflecting (is that good English?) Sometimes I look back and feel as if I've spent most of my life playing 'catch-up' and never getting there.
Time Management? Que?
In my mind I have tidy cupboards, my wardrobe is cleansed twice ayear, I write my Christmas cards before December 23rd, I answer emails when I receive them and I do my accounts as I go along instead of in panic two days before they are due.
Of course if I did all these things properly I really would have time to stuff a mushroom!
I mean why on earth would anyone want to go out to lunch or go shopping with friends when they could be happily vacuuming? (Or stuffing mushrooms?)

It does make me wonder why some of us are disorganised to the point of chaos (many of my friends and fellow writers) while others sail through life in control?
I ask because as I started writing this I found myself having to be repetitive once again....
E.G. I will add live links in the mails and I will add more links to good blogs and friends websites! I will... I will... after I get back from holiday of course!

Off on hols on Sunday. YAY. I am so ready for it. Too long without going somewhere 'nice' and I start to go stir crazy. I NEED to travel. (my excuse)

Another of life's little mysteries...
How often have you said to someone, 'I'm going on holiday' and they've said 'are you going somewhere nice?'
Don't you really just itch to say......
'Nope.. I decided on somewhere truly disgusting, picked the worst place I could find, checked out Holidays From Hell and thought Yep. that'll do nicely.....'

Have decided not to rant about NatWest Bank after receiving a real apology in a personal letter. Now that's more like it and much appreciated because it doesn't often happen.
'Sorry' really is the hardest word! .
ALTHOUGH.... an ambiguous apology can upset me far more than the original incident, is the: 'I'm sorry you feel our service didn't meet up to your expectations....' or 'I'm sorry you felt offended.....'
This patronising nonsense means 'you daft old bat, did you really expect us to be polite/helpful/patient/knowledgeable?'
Not that I'm a serial complainer you understand. My closet ranting streak simply emerged at the same time as Call Centres took over the world.

PAST CHANCES has now made its way to my editor. I am so pleased to see it go, now I can do all the the things I've used it as an excuse not to do! That doesn't include stuffing mushrooms though.
Have now got the difficult but fun task of choosing holiday reading. Spoilt for choice eh?

By the way, if anyone wants to email rather than posting a comment on the blog then there is an email link on my website.

Quote of the day...

'Housework? Just sweep the floor with a glance'.


  • At 4:01 PM , Blogger Cat Marsters said...

    I usually do reply like that. Am I not supposed to?

  • At 5:58 PM , Blogger Bernardine Kennedy said...

    ooops, I assumed that one posted on blogger (where I am now) to be on the display page but through the website and my email addy if one wants to mail privately.
    What did I say? I get confused easily Cat, I'm a blogger novice!

  • At 2:18 PM , Blogger Cat Marsters said...

    About going on hiliday somewhere appalling. Well, it's such a silly question! "How should disdain die when she has such meet food to feed it"?

  • At 10:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi. How the holdiay was fabulous. I have tagged you to write five little known facts about yourself. Fiona Harper tagged me and Liz Fielding. Hope you have fun with it. i did i think :)




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