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Monday, February 05, 2007

No Links, Shopping and Chav Cat

I'm not going to mention links etc. I now accept that I am technically subnormal.

Now shopping is something else altogether. I can do that, I'm good at it, I can walk the walk and talk the talk! In the past couple of weeks we've been to Outlet malls in Freeport in Braintree, McArthur Glen in Ashford and Dockside in Chatham. I love roaming round the shops and fortunately so does hb.
I bought lots of things I certainly don't need but had fun collecting. I'm not a designer spender, I love bits! I especially love the Kipling shop and Whittards at Ashford... Did I need a Kipling duffle bag with monkey? A pretty pink Kipling handbag with another monkey? Did I need a mug proclaiming me a Domestic Goddess (ha ha)? a set of six mini expresso mugs? No, no and no again but isn't it fun doing it??!!

I also love PCWorld which brings me to crisis of the week.

Just over a year ago I fell in love with and bought, the pretty Apple mac iNotebook. All white and shiny and tiny. It took me ages to figure out mac and in the end I had to buy the Word for mac programme but Hey! it's pretty. Or it was.
I was working on it the other day at the dining table (too wet for the office down the garden) when the Chav-Cat decided he didn't want it in his way so he chucked it off the table. Open!
He jumped up, skidded on the tablecloth from one end of the table to the other and pushed laptop and mobile phone off the table and onto the wooden floor! Loud screams all round but Chav Cat just looked smug and started to nonchalantly wash himself.
Lid now doesn't shut and there is a blip between screen and base..... it flickers! I guess I was destined not to have an Apple! Phone is okay though which is lucky as that is also my complete phonebook and the achingly trendy little 'red' number so loved by Bono . (memo to self.. back up numbers)
Chav cat is now on his very very last life.

THE NOVEL RACE. My word count on TWO LIVES (working title) is slowly going up and is now at 8500, but I have to transfer the doc to another PC because I don't trust the one that came under Cat-Attack now. I wish I was Barbara Cartland, wandering around dictating to my assorted scretaries. Bet she didn't worry about links. I bet she didn't have bad wrists either!

So, I'm off to transfer and do some work.
Today I will not play on the internet; I will not play on the internet...........


  • At 8:57 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

    Well done on the word count!

    The shopping sounds great. Still in non sspending mode here - or atleast the pretense - won't discuss the amazon bills!


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