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Wednesday, February 28, 2007



A posting in haste as a mad typing spree has left me with achy wrists! However I now feel as if I'm getting somewhere and the story is starting to roll along. I love that feeling when it starts to take off all by itself.

Sadly I can't say the same about Yahoo which has decided I am a spammer and won't let me post on their groups. It was after a day of no posts going through that I realised that I may have a problem.. not so much a Yahoo problem as an addiction problem.
Not being able to post to my 'friends' sent me crazy. I still can't post on most of them but I'm starting to come down a little; at least I can receive the mails even if they go straight into my own spam box. I can also post privately. Phew.
I did however have trouble trying to post messages onto blogs but that seems to have been resolved.
Weird huh??

My gorgeous little baby Apple laptop that Chav-cat destroyed is being replaced by the insurance company. Bet the story appears in one of those 'things people say to their insurance company' features at some time. 'Cat threw a laptop on the floor'.

Line edits of PAST CHANCES have gone back to whence they came so all is set for the hardback publication date of May 3rd; paperback will be in November and will be in the sightly larger B format.

Anyone who lives that way, come and say hello at Tye Green Library in Harlow on march 19th @ 2.30. I'm giving a talk and having a chat there as part of the Essex Book Fest.

More when my wrists recover. Wish I had learnt typing at school!!


  • At 9:15 AM , Blogger Unknown said... are cruising very nicely indeed. Thanks for the MIKA suggestions. Love it. Bought it!!

  • At 6:28 AM , Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

    Greetings from a fellow novel racer. I too love that feeling of momentum as a story takes off. Re your query about introducing a new kitten: I recently researched this fairly thoroughly and did what the consensus seemed to suggest and it worked - although my adult cat is more wimp than bully. The system is: keep kitten(s) confined to one room with door closed for at least a month; when you open the door, cover the doorway with mesh (I used a homemade chickenwire contraption which was a little awkward to open and close but otherwise worked fine - it needs to reach to the top of the doorway or they will climb over it) so that kitten(s) and cat can see each other but have own territories; feed kitten(s) and cat together at the same time with bowls close together on either side of the mesh; after another month or so, begin letting kitten(s) out into the house for short periods; gradually increase the length of time they are out until they are in the house all day but still back in their 'own' room at night; by this time the adult cat and the kitten(s) should be tolerating each other and sharing space amicably. We had some hissing and spitting at first - from cat and one of the kittens (we got two) - but it soon sorted itself out, and now they're all best friends, play together, curl up together to sleep, etc. Good luck!


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