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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Catching up. 2008

Well here I am again. late again.. blah blah blah. Usual excuses so I won't make them. You all know my intentions are good, I am just so disorganised!

Christmas came and went as it always does as did New Year. Phew for another year. And I've dealt with the taxman so all is in order! Yay.

SHATTERED LIVES has got a great cover that I will post next time along with the blurb. Not sure of the hardback publication date right now........

I had eye surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital at the beginning of the month and its not been entirely successful so far and may have to be repeated. Unfortunately it was on my good eye and I haven't been able to see properly since. This is an absolute nightmare for an author as you can imagine. I have to peer at the screen and then focus out of the corner of my eye. Not a good look! Still it makes everyone laugh.
And of course I can't drive. That is so limiting!

Fingers crossed also because we finally got round to booking our cruise... we are off on February 26th. We're sailing from Jamaica and then doing the rounds of Central America.... Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Columbia, Caymans plus some more that I can't remember. We're going with Ocean Cruises because they are informal and we can just laze around and not dress up. Not sure about how safe I am going to be with a 24 hour buffet? Oh my.

Ian wants to go to see the ruins at Chichen Itza in Mexico and I want to swim with the sting rays
in the Cayman Islands....... must remember to act my age and not get burnt this time. Going to give the zipwire into the jungle in Costa Rica a miss though.

I'm really looking forward to it and hope eyes are sorted by then. Never mind, its just one those things that will be okay in the long run. (fingers double couble crossed!)

It means I'm going to miss the RNA awards lunch on monday, the first one I've missed in several years. Bummer! This year its not at the Savoy but at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. Should be fun for all those lucky souls going!
Good Luck to all the short-listers, any one of whom will be a worthy winner.

Ollie the kitten is growing rapidly to cat-size though he is, as of yesterday, missing a couple of his vitals! Not that he noticed of course. Maybe he'll now stop running up the curtains and hiding on top of the wardrobe waiting to pounce... I doubt it though.

Enough for now, typing is hard work at the moment.

Back soon xxxx

Quote of the day... I don't do skinny dipping.. I do chunky dunking!