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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yes I know I've been lurking, not posting, not being sociable! Sometimes life gets in the way and other things get left. I am not an organised person.

But next year will be different!

I will not be side-tracked by the minutae of the internet (eg shopping websites).

I willll update my blog / myspace / facebook with regimental regularity.

I will write an allocated number of words each and every day regardless of whether I want to or not. Self-Motivation will be my Mission Statement.

I will do my accounts monthly instead of dragging the shoe box out in January with mere days to spare before the taxman's penalty axe falls..

I will write all the letters / emails that I promised my friends and family and my oft used phrase 'Must catch up in the New Year' will mean just that.

In other words I will be organised and efficient and quite unlike the old me!

By way of explanation, this has been a strange year personally with far too many deaths of friends, family and acquaintances of assorted ages. Very sobering times.

On a more upbeat note, Past Chances did well this year and Shattered Lives is out next year.

Meanwhile, as I contemplate my last-minute Christmas shopping list which will naturally be completed well in advance next year..........

I cheerily wish everyone:


and RIP to my favourite Uncle Brian who died a few weeks ago. Christmas in heaven will be a lively old do this year!