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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well it's July and therefore midsummer even if it doesn't seem quite like it. But we did have some summer in June so guess we should be grateful?? Help! I NEED some Caribbean sun...
So what's happening? Not a lot to be honest apart from work and more work!
I've promised myself I'm going to practice some time management to unbog myself as soon as RUBY is finished. I've really struggled with this book, the change of genre foxed me enough with adding in a different era and all the research which I spent far more time on than I could ever have imagined. Then add in some 'poorly' time and I'm way behind........ I think I underestimated it all but I'll get there I hope.
Good news is that all my previous books are going to available on Kindle etc very soon. I'll put up a PS just as soon as I know they're up.
May was the RNA summer party which is always good fun. Catching up with old friends and meeting new and of course a whizz round the shops in London en route. I've so far resisted the handbag I fell in love with in Selfridges Handbag Hall. I just love that place :)
Earlier this month was the Harper Collins summer party at (ahem) Kensington Palace. It was a great night with lots of chanpagne, cocktails, canapes and cakes. There were several famous faces wandering around includiing the Davids Walliams & Baddiel, but more fascinating were the
suited and booted baldies crunching up and down the gravel talking into their sleeves and the
armed police loitering behind the hedges. Would I want to live in a place like that? Oh yes! Someone convert a broom cupboard for me please, I don't mind cramped!
My blog wouldn't be complete without a photo of the ever growing Roxy. She has a boyfriend who lives next door who seems to think he lives here. Because of confusion his name is Maisie but we call him Dyson because he creeps in and hoovers up Roxy's food... Boom boom.
On the left is Roxy being very unladylike on the desk while Maisie is on my office chair.....