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Monday, January 25, 2010

nearly Febraury 2010

Oh my, time is still flying along at a right old rate. Sadly I'm still running along behind it trying to keep up!

I started the new year with the most awful virus that turned into pneumonia. For a couple of days I did think I was about to pop off but thankfully I recovered though even now I still feel a bit fragile. AND I had the flu jab in October!
Hence I am now even more behind with everything than usual, but at least I've remembered to pay the taxman. It always happens that I get my PLR (library payment) notification in the middle of January (yippee) and then have to pay my income tax just after. (Boooo) So not fair.

Just after Christmas we arranged a family get together in our local Toby Inn and Carvery. We agreed to meet at 7.30. The ones that arrived at 7.30 then called us to say they'd been told that the pub was closing at 8.00 as there weren't enough customers. We hot-footed it there and explained there were others en route but no, no reasoning, despite people coming from as far as Milton Keynes. Ten to eight the last bell rang and we were soon booted out. I complained to the company and although we were sent Carvery vouchers to compensate, the email I received said that it was perfectly acceptable and that managers could close their pubs/restaurants whenever they wanted to.
So... think twice before arranging a get together in a Toby Carvery!

My new website is coming along nicely but it is so hard updating it. Much harder than starting from scratch which with hindsight maybe I should have done. The designer is being very patient with me. So far.... will let you know when its up and running but looking good so far.

The wandering family members are all back from their extended Christmas break in sunny Australia. They came back from 39 degrees to freezing temps and the tail-end of the snow which had enveloped us here for a couple of weeks. Not too bad for us as we live on a main road (they have to grit them) but some of the side roads were really treacherous for weeks. During one particular white-out my daughter said it looked like Lapland! Very pretty......

Off now to type a few more words of 'Whatever The Cost' and try to figure out how best to kill a character!

next time.. some book recommendations. So many good books ou there by so many good friends
its hard to know where to start!

Till later.....
Bernardine xxx