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Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Friday!

So its friday again, I've got the jist of the day, just having some problems with which friday.

I really don't have much to blog about as I am still in self-imposed isolation while finishing SHATTERED LIVES. I maybe need a psychiatrist to explain why, when the end is in sight, I get the most fantastic idea and just have to change everything around?? Why don't I get these ideas at the beginning? Oh well. Too late for me to change now!
The Camping Boys arived back a day early after a couple of mishaps!
Lesson one. Do not cut open a glow-stick with a leatherman tool. If you do you'll have an explosion of bright yellow phosphorous all over your face and in your eyes and have to seek medical attention!

Lesson two. Beware the guy ropes that hold the shelter up. If you trip over them and the shelter disintegrates then there is no shelter under which to shelter!

But they enjoyed it and I spent the week doing nothing except write!
PAST CHANCES is out in paperback in three weeks... I'll update with any info nearer to the date. The finished copy looks really good and its in the slightly larger paperback format. Fingers crossed for me everyone.

Over the past few months, I've been hopping on an off an internet forum discussing the mystery surrounding the missing Madeleine McCann.
The original purpose of my visits was to harvest some research for my next novel but boy is it compulsive. When I 'retire' shortly I may need to head straight for my local addiction clinic! It's been an interesting insight into how the new accessibility of the internet has empowered so many people to discuss so many issues.
It throws up class, race, religion and politics in a way that no-one would dare do in a face-to-face group.
A very interesting insight into human nature across the board.
Now I have to figure how to incorporate my new knowledge!
Finally, we have a new kitten. I didn't intend to do it again, pets cause so much grief and we have the Chav-Cat but, by defualt because his new owner was allergic and I couldn't say no, we now have Olly. Tje prettiest, naughtiest, noisiest kitten ever.
Chav-Cat still doesn't know what's hit him but he's been far better behaved than I expected. The occasional clip round the ear to the young pretender seems to be about it. aaaaaahhhhhh.
Now I have to work!!
Till next time xxxxxxxx

Monday, September 10, 2007


Isn't it Friday? well I suppose three days late isn't bad by my history. I would have posted yesterday (two days late) but again Blogger didn't want to be my friend. I really must have serious words with Blogger or I may have to take my business elsewhere! Hurumph.

SHATTERED LIVES is going to plan, hopefully I will be finished with the tinkering and it will be ready to go at the end of the month. My changes have made me feel better even though I'm hurtling to the finishing post and don't, at the moment, have a life.

PAST CHANCES in paperback is getting nearer to publication date, I'm looking forward to getting advance copies in the next couple of weeks. Its still a thrill to have the finished copies in my hand!

I'm really hoping to get my website updated very soon. I just have to find someone else to take it over and thats so hard without decent recommendations. I'm looking though..... I've had so many comments about nothing happening on it but its getting there.

Husband Ian and his brother are off camping in Brixham in Devon. One in a tent and one in a teeppee so if you pass them give a wave... though realistically the pub in town is probably the best place to find the great lesser spotted campers!

A friend/ex colleague and a group of friends are currently on a cycle ride across Yorkshire, 132 miles, fundraising for his twin sons to be able to receive therapy for their special needs as a result of very premature birth I wish them luck in their ride and also in the fund-raising.
Its such a deserving cause though there's no way you'd catch me on a bike ride across Yorkshire. Even camping seems attractive by camparison. I did hear that gel saddles are the order of the day. Actually they should be about finished by now... must check it out.

Crrently ready DIRTY BLONDE by Lisa Scottoline. Great title and a good book. I'm getting to know far more authors since signing onto MySpace and FaceBook.

Well I'm off back to the laptop. Come October I'll be more chatty and will even think about things like competitions with book prizes.


Monday, September 03, 2007

School hols are over!

I am such a blogger... I have no school age children! I do however wonder where the summer has gone and how I've managed to spend a lot of time doing not a lot that is constructive.
The fruit trees now need cutting back and I feel really ashamed about taking the apples and damsons to the tip in with the garden mulch. Very wasteful but I really can't bring myself to prepare little delicacies of fruit compotes etc. It is just so not me!

I DO apologise for the delay in getting this up, I keep starting to write something, go off and do something else and then forget what i was saying and have to start over. I have decided now that this is going to a weekly blog rather ad hoc as it has been. Once a week, On a friday. Well that's the intention. Fell free to mail me and tell me when I don't! My brain isn't as good at multi-taking as it used to be.

Husband Ian is off to Devon camping at the end of the week with his brother and a teepee. I will then be having an intense writing week to try and pull this latest book into line ready to send it in in time. (Maybe!!)
I chopped and changed the storyline around and added a few extras (sorry Clare!) but I think it will be better in the long run. We'll see. It'll be nice to get it finished.

I'm off to London tomorrow to talk about PAST CHANCES which is out in paperback on October 18th. (available in all good bookshops). This is the important one so fingers crossed for me everyone.