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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bet you though I'd been abducted by aliens.

I've given a lot of thought to this blog lately and wondered whether to I should continue with it. as there are so many brilliant and informative blogs out there now.
But I'm back, ready to once again chatter away aimlessly about life in general and see where it goes....
However, othing screamingly exciting has happened while I've been 'gone'.
We've had the builders in and now have a new kitchen (Shaker style) and a rather cool bathroom; we also have a very useful downstairs cloakroom.

But builders... they're a different breed to the rest of us I'm sure. They just moved in and took over the house, oblivious to my muttering about working at home. I nearly had a heart attack when they first just turned the electricity off when I was in the middle of downlaoding a load of stuff. They didn't understand my rant at all!
Plasterer said 'my missus spends all her time on ebay as well. It's not good for you'. He was a brilliant plasterer so I didn't kill him then and there!

And while the builders were causing havoc indoors we had badgers destroying the garden. It looked like a muddy battlefield as they dug holes all over the lawn and burrowed under the fences! They were so naughty but seem ot have either moved on or settled underground.
Builders and Badgers... has to be a story there somewhere!

'Whatever The Cost' is nearly finished at long; I don't know why I've found this one so hard but it just wouldn't come together and I've probably written the word count ten times over as I've changed, deleted and fiddled. But I'm nearly there. Whether its good enough is of course another issue. Very hard to be detached from the book you've written.

Good news is that TAKEN has been sold to Portugal following the sale of SHATTERED LIVES last year which is nice. Probably be out some time next year.

More good news, I have accepted an offer from a different publisher for four books in a different genre. I can't put the details out there yet but four books really secures my writing career so I'm really pleased.
It's also fun researching something different.
More info to follow!

Last month I went on my annual pilgrimage to the Romantic Novelists Association Conference. It was held at the Old Naval College in Greenwich. What a fantastic building, I'm ashamed to say I never realised how fabulous Greenwich is. Right on the Thames and wonderfully renovated, well worth a visit and I MUST go back. I really loved the area and naturally had a spin round the market. Only problem was that it was soooo hot, especially in student accommodation. Luckily I had the foresight to take an electric fan with me as well as my trusty old-fashioned hand fan!
The conference was of course as good as ever.
If you'd like to check it out then go to the RNA website where you can link to the blog. Many have written fantastic reports and updates on the blog so you can really get the feel of the fabulous weekend.

Before I went to the conference Ian and his brother went on their annual camping trip to Brixham in Devon. They love pitching their tents in a field and being at one with nature. Hah. Not for me. I don't do basic anymore. Bring on the five star.

Have been having a bit of a panic lately with a very painful leg/hip/back. Take your pick! No-one seems to be able to decide where the pain actually and all are interpreting the Xrays differently! Hmmmmm. All I know is that it's so bad!
Hence I'm having an MRI scan very shortly. I've had one before and to my eternal shame, I threw an absolute pink fit! I'd sailed in there not expecting to be bothered but as soon as I lay down and had my head strapped that was it. Full-blown panic attack..... it took three attempts to get me into that machine and that was only thanks to the understanding scanner operator. Not looking forward to repeating it.
Will let you know how it goes. If it goes. :)

No holidays booked until the back is sorted out but have bought a wonderful singing and dancing touch-screen all-in-one PC. Very beautiful and clever! Am a teeny bit in love with it.

So, thats about it for catch up, have promised myself to kee up to date in future.........
Many thanks to all of you who have emailed to check that all was well. As my mother would say, a touch of lazyitis.

Back soon xxxxxxx