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Friday, March 30, 2007


As my website is shortly going to be revamped to be part of the new, high spec, Headline website, my newsletters subscibers are, from today, being pointed in this direction for the time being.

Welcome to you all.

This isn't at all formal (as you can see) but when there is news I can post it here straight away instead of there being a delay. I hope at least some of you have checked in and if you do I'd love to know what you think.
If you don't want to post on the blog then you can, for the moment, still mail through the website. All seemingly complex but not really. I shall be putting the email address on here eventually. Another thing to figure out!

There are also other interesting blogs to check out... The Great Novel Racers for starters and I shall be posting more blog links when I really get to grips with doing this properly. I know blogging isn't everyone's cup of tea but they can be fun to read!

I've become ever so slightly addicted and have to limit myself!

Meanwhile, WELCOME!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My word-count is still no more than it was (give or take a few hundred during editing) because I've been laid up with the dreaded cough/cold/headache virus thing thats doing the rounds. I thought I'd be safe because I had the flu jab last autumn but not. New bugs every season apparently!
I'm turning into a bit of a wuss because not that long ago I would have worked through it. Now I wallow.

I am desperately in love with the chihuahua puppy, Rambo, that now lives next door. I keep demanding that he is handed over the fence but then they want him back I wonder how Chav Cat would react if I got a miniature dog AND a Siamese? Shall give it some thought...........

Husband and two friends have booked up to go skiffing along the Thames at the end of April. Inspired by 'Three Men In A Boat' they are going to go a rowing..... yeah yeah. What's the name for a pub crawl along the water??
You can't kid a kidder. Iits like me claiming to be working and toddling off to a Writer's Conference to allegedly hone my craft. Not. What's the name for a pub crawl on a Uni campus??
I didn't go to any of the conferences last year so I'm into withdrawal. I'm going to Chichester in June and Leicester in July to top up my levels of soicalising.

Short and sweet today as I'm off to wallow some more and swig some meds because I MUST work tomorrow.

Just had a thought, maybe I feel so ropey because I have a man's virus??

Saying for today..........

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Monkey Business

I was so sad to read of the death of Jim Cronin, the founder of Monkey World in Dorset. He was only 55 and still had so much to do with the rescued apes.
I remember being in Spain on holiday around twenty years ago and seeing a bloke (sadly a Brit) with a baby chimp in a night club and making it smoke a joint. I was furious but not brave enough to say anything.
Jim Cronin was brave enough and it was chimps like that that Jim and his wife Alison regularly rescued.

Also v.sad of course the death of Sally Clarke. There's nothing I can say on that, only that I hope that those involved in her conviction will hang their heads in shame for a long time.

On a more superficial level, my wordcount hasn't changed but that doesn't meant I've not been working.
I have done what I often do and decided after a flash of inspiration to change the chapters round! I often find when I'm struggling, its because the continuity is subtly wrong so it's all change and suddenly I can see once again where I'm going.

Concentration is difficult at the moment as next door have the builders in. I din't mind the crashing and banging (we've all done it) but I do find the statutory, top of the voice, jolly banter and the eternal radio that I know they can't hear because they're knocking walls down, irritating! Gee I'm an old grump!

My talk at Harlow went well, I think. I'm usually okay for the first 20 minutes and then I find myself either being repetitive or wordy in the extreme.
I like supporting libraries as I feel they are such a boon to the community......

Currenty reading FIRE SALE by Sara Paretsky, a thriller set in South Chicago. I nearly didn't get into it but as I was on a train I persevered and I'm glad I did. However, the main character keeps mentioning her 'peacoat'. Any suggestions? This is the first book of hers I've read...

Next on the 'to be read' list is Judy Astley's BLOWING IT. its on a subject close to my heart... spending the kids inheritance. I'm going to start soon, preferably with a world cruise.

Last week I had to have some tests at hospital. Now I know I'm no longer a teen (even if I act it under the influence) but I'm not a geriatric so why was I called 'luvvie, sweetheart, dear', etc etc by an assortment of nurses/orderlies who spoke v e r y s l o w l y?
Do they think we check our brains in with our clothes?

Moment of the week for me was the suggestion that George Clooney plays the part of Liberace in the film of the showman's life. The mind boggles.

Till the next time!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Late Blog

THE GREAT NOVEL RACE wordcount. 27,000 (rounded up of course!)

The reason this is so late is because I did write most of it and then forgot to save it. Why? who knows. Non-functioning brain.
I read other blogs and I am constantly trying to figure out if the writers have longer days than me. Is their allocation of hours greater than mine? I don't seem to do any near as much as they do.
Therefore I've decided that, in order for me to function properly I need:
A Personal Assistant
A Personal Trainer
A Personal Motivator
A Personal Shopper
A Housekeeper/Cook

Until I get them all I shall continue with DIY and working in chaotic arrears.

I've had two trips to London this week. At the weekend I went to a Marketing Day for authors run by the Romantic Novelists Association which was brilliant; all about how to help market your book alongside your publisher. (I shall put the links up later)
I don't do any specific promo for the Hardback (May 3rd) but the Paperback in November is going to need some work. Remember. PAST CHANCES.

I'm currently enjoying a bit of a surge on Amazon and all the books have picked up again so I'm pleased with that and I've had more mail through my website now its up-tp-date again. The website is due for a complete revamp which is going to happen soon! Very soon!

The second trip to London was to meet with a friend from Scotland. I met her last year at (ssshhh) a Paul McKenna slimming seminar. (I should have gone to his motivational one instead... I know!) Anyway, Elizabeth and I were both on our own at the seminar and we sat together and clicked as we are both similar. She was staying in London so I met her for lunch and we went for a spin around Harrods.
Then came a dodgy moment when I sort of forgot who I was and very nearly spent one and a half thousand pounds on a handbag. Can you imagine? Fortunately my brains and the mental image of my bank statement returned and I broke out in a cold sweat.
I received a text from Elizabeth on the way home saying 'did you go back for the bag?'. Nearly but no.......... I was pleased to discover I still had some sense of reality tucked away inside me.
Would I recommend the Paul McKenna method? Absolutely but you have to be aware and I was for a while and then sort of slipped! I am thinking about going again.....

I've just finished reading an old Sidney Sheldon book. Gee he was good. I loved his books then and they still hold out now. Nothing deep and meaningful, just straight page-turners. He died this year aged around 89 so the man did good.
I also read my second Jodi Picoult, 'Plain Truth' that was a good story (though I guessed who did it) and a fascinating insight into the Amish.

Next week is my event for the Essex Book Festival... Monday 19th march 2.30 at Tye Green Library, Harlow, Essex if anyone hangs out that way.

Remember WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND (means one day I shall get that handbag as a reward for resisting outrageous temptation)