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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Tonight I am reading all the info on adding everything that has to be added.
I shall then do it. I shall, I really shall.

Back tomorrow with a singing dancing blog! Ok?
Oh and lots of other info updates as well.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Novel Race

I'm almost ashamed to post this.
I can't get the 'novel race' info up on my blog. I've tried and I know I'm doing something ridiculous but I CAN'T DO IT!
I've called for help so maybe soon.

The very nice and very efficient Computer Man set up my wireless system and sorted out my PC's so I have some semblance of organisation as well as a lovely new 19" screen for my desk-top. Very pretty and I can read it without glasses! Yay.

I'm going back to the links and side-bars right now so will post as soon as I get it going one way or another. Mainly because I need to get writing asap.

Quote of the day: When in doubt, eat chocolate.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Hardware and Races.

Tomorrow I have a man coming round. I'm going to have to pay him but hey! I'm banking on him being good value for the money. £40 an hour should be good I reckon!

Oh okay, he's coming to sort out my PC mess of two desktops, a laptop and an Apple notebook that I can't work. He's also going to fix up my wireless router, my lovely new 19" flat-screen and the pretty new printer.
I hope to have PC access wherever I want it then maybe I'll get into the swing of doing things efficiently! I really wish I'd been educated in the computer era.......

I've volunteered to take part in a word race for my new novel that is about to become a 'work in progress' (WIP). Writing is a lonely old business that involves a lot of sef-motivation. Now that can be hard for someone like me who is more into work displacement but I'm intending to give it a go as soon as the copy-edits of PAST CHANCES have been sent back.

Check out Kate Harrison's blog at for some interesting info and also to check out an expert blog by someone who can do links! Yes, I know, I will learn very soon.

Essex Book Festival will be up and running in March so anyone who's nearby do come along. I'll be at Tye Green Library in Harlow on March 19th. Bit of info here: and then search!
Loads of interesting authors and writers. Essex is a great county for talent I reckon.

Southend Book Festival is in May and I shall be there also, details later.

Okay, now I'm back to work, its going to be a late night tonight!

Memo to self: Must do links.. must do links... I'm going to study the instructions right now and start practicing.