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Monday, November 08, 2010

Good News, Bad News and the rest

I'm currently having problems with Blogger and don't know the answer so I'll update this briefly and hope to solve it soon. Or I may have to move my blog elsewhere. We'll see.

The good news is that I've signed with a different publisher for four books in a different genre and with a different name. The interlinked books will be 'gritty regional sagas' set in the fifties in and around Southend. My name for these books will be Megan Maxwell.

Its all very exciting and I was delighted to get a great write-up about it in the Bookseller but at the moment Blogger won't let me put the link up!

The bad news is that Ollie-cat 'the special one' was run over and killed last month. He was found on the back road and I just wanted to scream at him 'what were you doing there?'. It was traumatic for all of us, he was such an integral part of the family, a huge presence and so attached to us... far more dog-like in temperament that a cat normally is. Very very sad..... RIP Ollie.
He's now buried in the garden next to the plant he's sitting in the middle of in this photo.

The rest of the news is that we've booked a pre-Christmas cruise to the Canary Islands from Southampton (be kind Bay of Biscay, be kind). I shall take my trusty laptop because as I've discovered before, working on a ship's balcony with a nice view and a glass of wine is much more relaxing than in my office-shed in winter! and anyway, I really really couldn't be disconnected from the internet for 12 days!

Below is the ship we're going on.... looks good eh?
It'll be a chance to do some research for the book I'm struggling with (last one before the new 4) and it will also make a nice travel feature.
Now I have to make selection of books to take..........

This week is World Travel Market in London. The industry showcase for everything to do with travel. I love it! It's an excuse to catch up old friends as well as keeping up to date with all things travel.

It's so hard being without Ollie that when we get back we're going to get a kitten. Either a Siamese or X Siamese. It's not fair to get one and then leave it and also not fair on those we're leaving behind to have to tend to it while we cruise! :)

Thats it for now, just hope Blogger lets this be posted!!

Till next time xx