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Monday, March 31, 2008

Shattered Lives

The new cover that I shall move to its rightful place with the others just as soon as I can figure it out!

More later, I'm currently trying to figure the blog out from the inside. I'm easily confused.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


The ship. Ocean Village.

Well, I'm back. We had a great time and I'm now quite taken with the idea of a world cruise. maybe one day! 6 months home and six months away. The joy of being an author is that H can work anywhere.

Cruising was just perfect for us. We enjoy relaxing and doing not a lot and that's what we did. The ship was large but accessible and how lucky for our cabin to be so close to all the restaurants eh? Food was good and the informality suited us.
We flew to Jamaica to board and then went to Mexico (Progreso and Cozumel), Belize, Honduras, Cayman Islands, back to Jamaica, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica then back to Jamaica. (Montego Bay and Ocho Rios)

I read lots of books, did lots of people watching and generally went into sloth mode. (we saw several of them... I felt a connection!)
It was so good to wake up and go out onto the balcony and look at either the sea or another destination. There was good and bad in the various towns. Excellent was Costa Rica, the rain forest and banana plantation. Also Grand Cayman and swimming with the stingrays which are HUGE. Oh and shopping in Cozumel. I've been there before and love it so instead of going on a trip we took a cab into town and shopped.

Not so good was Columbia and Jamaica and the slightly edgy feeling that we both felt ashore.
Just a few pics (don't want to bore you all! Below is the Blue Train that is a hundred years old and trundles through the rain forest in Costa Rica. We went on it and also over the bridge below. It's called the 'Hail Mary Bridge' because as soon as passengers realise the train is going to go over it they start saying their prayers. (allegedly!) My, that was so scary. A rusty old train going over a rusty old bridge! But we survived it, as do all the tourists who trog along it. We also went up one of the canals and saw all manner of wildlife. Even a crocodile.... I've seen alligators in the Everglades but not a croc before.

Below is Ian and friend in Columbia.... I really really wanted to snatch that piece of melon off her head. It was so hot that day.

Have you noticed I don't usually post pics of me? My naturally frizzy hair and freckles do not take to the heat and sea so I just look frazzled! However, here is one with a stingray. Not that good but hey it gives an idea of the size of the stingray! From my right arm across to surfer boys left shoulder. BIG. Stingray City is actually on a sandbank around a mile off-shore and the rays are semi-tame. Unlike the one in Florida that got me on the foot several years ago.

The publication date for SHATTERED LIVES has been put back to September as I still have some edits to do but the info is up on Amazon. Which reminds me.... I must get the new cover up on here asap.

The problems with my eyes affected so many things but they are now a little better and I can see the PC. Hurrah! Onwards and Upwards from now on, fingers crossed that my appointment on the 11th at Moorfeilds Eye Hospital will be the last for a while. I no longer look as if I am doing an impersonation of Donald Pleasance in 'The Great Escape'.

Books read on hols.... Harlen Coben X2, James Patterson, Dean Koonz, Leslie Pearse. All very good but I love Harlen the best!

Back to work now,

Till next time,

Bernardine xx