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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

INTO 2011

I'll kick off by wishing you all everything you wish yourselves for a Very Happy New Year. Once again I'm sure we're all making resolutions of the losing weight/wagon climbing/nocotine dumping variety. All I want this year is revitalise my motivation and imagination and pour it into my new books. Wish me luck!

The Books.
Book number one of the newly contracted four is well under way but Christmas, and before that the cruise, set me back a bit as you can imagine but both were fun so I'm not complaining. The book still no definite title but the working title is 'Nobody Knows'. and I guess that includes me!
As part of the annual Essex Book Festival, I'll be talking about the new books and the research aspect of writing out of era at HADLEIGH LIBRARY on Weds 16th March at 2.00 pm. Do come along if you're around this way. I'm really looking forward to it as the local history experts will be there and I'm hoping to pick their brains.

The Cruise.
That went really well and we had a brilliant time! The Bay of Biscay only bounced us a bit and we missed the snow by a whisker because we left a day early and stayed in the New Forest for a night before boarding in Southampton. Good timing because the snow fell as we left and was mostly cleared by the time we came back 12 days later.
The ship (Independence of the Seas. Royal Caribbean) is truly beautiful and, although huge, was easy to work out. I loved it and could easily have stayed on there for a few more weeks. Months?? I just loved sitting on the Promenade 'people watching'. Such fun. Accommodation (we had a suite on Deck 9 with a balcony) was great, all the staff were fantastic and the prices of drinks and extras was nowhere near as high as I'd been led to believe. Downside was, IMO, poor value excursions ashore but that's been my experience on all cruises!
Can't wait to get back on that ship asap. (Memo to self: get the book done first, get the book done)

We are currently kitten hunting. Ollie will be a hard act to follow but I can't live without a cat in the house any longer. Its three months now so it's time although not quite the right time as there don't seem to be many young kittens around. I feel guilty for not going to a cat-rescue but I have had many rescue cats and dogs over the years and feel its okay for me to choose this time. We've looked at Bengals, Siamese and Orientals but feel that the high cost (around £400) would do more good in a rescue, so am now looking at XSiamese, like Ollie. I know we can't replace him but I do like that temperament. I'll let you know how we get on!

Once again here's wishing you all the very best New Year....
Till next time. xx