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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well, Past Chances is now out in paperback as of October 18th. Available at all good bookshops, on the internet via Amazon etc and in some supermarkets including ASDA/Walmart.
I love to say that as Walmart is an addiction of ours when we are in the US.
We often spend half a day (or more!) pottering in a super Walmart. We're very easily pleased really....

For anyone who lives down my way and who has time to spare, I'm doing a signing in GRINDLEY'S Bookshop, Leigh Broadway, Leigh on Sea, Essex, on Saturday 27th from 1-2. I'd love to meet anyone who can make it.
I'll put up more news as I get it. Right now its fingers crossed that firstly readers buy it and then of course that they enjoy it.

I escaped my writing prison on thursday and went to the launch of Faces, the latest by massive seller Martina Cole in a rather swish London nightclub last week.
It was a great night and it was nice to catch up with so many friends. I love writing but it can rather solitary and author friends live all over the country. All over the world even.
Long live the internet I say! Such a brilliant communiation medium.

None too pleased right now with Olly the kitten who did a little dance on my open/turned on laptop and managed to (very cleverly) delete the whole of SHATTERED LIVES.
Most of it was backed up (phew) but only most of it. 30,000 words approximately were lost. Mr Computer Man, who instantly understood my hysteria and came out very quickly, did his best and found some in the memory but am still over 20,000 down. aaaarrrrgggghhhhh.

Olly had: deleted.. overwritten with random letters... saved. Oh My. But gone is gone so I'm just trying to remember and catch up again. Computer Man said it was like winning the lottery in reverse... outstanding odds. I then checks the lottery number and lo and behold.... Nothing. Zilch. as usual.

Hard to stay cross... see below! And anyway it was really all my own fault leaving the laptop open, on, not backed up!

We are now cautiously approaching the garden with him courtesy of a harness and lead. We live on a busy road so can't let him out independently too soon. Neighbours think I'm nuts roaming around with a cat on a lead but then they probably though that anyway. All I'm doing is reinforcing!

Till next time..... xxx

Friday, October 05, 2007

Cats and mumblings

Its Friday and I'm here! Yay.
Again it will be short because I've got not a lot to say having not been anywhere!
I really can't wait to get SHATTERED LIVES out of the way so that I can rest poor aching wrists. I wish I'd learnt to type properly, I type quickly but I'm not a typist so my hands are all over the keyboard and I make loads of typos that I then have to correct. I wonder if its too late to move away from two finger typing? Maybe night-classes? I shall think about it.

Life with Chav-Cat the thug and Olly the cute kitten has been really strange. Instead of ripping his head off and tearing him apart (as I expected) Skippy has gone back to kittenhood and plays with the young usurper who is more than happy to get the occasional cuff around the ear when he goes too far. Most bizarre... I had expected warfare. Maybe the long-wanted Siamese is a possibility after all.
It is such a time-waster though, we all sit and watch!!

Tonight is the night we are DEFINITELY going to book that cruise...... DEFINITELY! I'll let you know.

Now back to the coal face.... xxxx

Don't forget... PAST CHANCES Octoner 18th.